The Objective for which the Society AP State council for Science & Technology is Established are:

    1. To indicate optimum development of untapped new and renewable sources of energy in Arunachal Pradesh by application of contemporary scientific research and appropriate technology.

    2. To formulate appropriate research and development program for academic research and development in the existing institutions of the state.

    3. To assist the State Govt. in developing suitable Science and Technology structure in order to ensure and promote application of proper scientific method and appropriate technology in development of rural area to assist the administration in all other matters relevant to application of Science and Technology in regional development and preparation of perspective planning.

    4. To liaise with the national organizations to facilitate collaboration and transfer of know-how in the domain of Science and Technology.

    5. To recommend means of popularizing application of Science and Technology amongst the people of the State and utilisation of mass media, participation in and organization of Seminar, Exhibition and such other related activities and also development of application centres, Museum etc. in that context.

    6. To evolve a long term science and technology policy and programme keeping in view of the natural resources/geographical features and socio-economic conditions available in the state.

    7. To ensure that Science and technology is harnessed most meaningfully for the development of the state.

    8. To evolve strong and workable mechanism for the transfer of indigenous technology.

    9. To identify projects and programmes to improve the condition of the rural population through Science and Technology input and improve their quality of the health and hygiene.

    10. To promote and fully involve the various department and persons connected with the development schemes of Science and Technology.

    11. To promote the State Remote Sensing Application Centre (SRSAC) as a full fledged Centre with the such objectives as may be considered by its for the effective use of the technology.

    12. To Promote the Arunachal Pradesh Science Centre for effective dissemination and popularization of Science and Technology in the State.

    13. To take up any activities as are necessary or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the society.