Science Center

Arunachal Pradesh Science Centre, I.G Park. Itanagar popularly known as Science Museum is a premier institution committed to popularize science in the state, especially among the student community. This Science Centre is spread over an area of 1.5 hectare. This Centre was sponsored by National Council of Science Museums Kolkata, Ministry of Culture, Government of India and Department of Science & Technology, Government of Arunachal Pradesh Since its inauguration by Hon’ble Chief Minister on 3rd December 2005, the centre has been attracting students as it provides a forum for them to learn science through interaction and fun. Apart from its permanent galleries with a number of participatory exhibits on science, this centre organizes regular educational programmes and activities, especially for the students in order to inculcate scientific temper in them by imparting science education in a non-formal way.

The main aim of such kind of museum is to develop a scientific culture among the people. .It is the scientific culture which makes the country or state self sufficient and developed. Our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was very keen about this fact and he made a good effort to made India independent in science & technology field. While expressing his philosophy for the people of Arunachal Pradesh, the largest state of north east India he said “People should develop along the line of their genius and we should avoid imposing anything on them. We should try to encourage, in every way, their own rights and culture.” Thus National Council of Science Museums a pioneer organization in India in the field of Science Museum decided to develop a Science Centre popularly known as Science Museum, in Itanagar, that would pursue the development of scientific culture among the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

1. Gallery on Emerging Technologies  :

Computers, mobile phones, space science, nuclear science, biotechnology and genetics have made their way in our lives. They not only facilitate us, they have changed our philosophy of life and the worldview as well. Uninitiated exposure to this array of technologies often overwhelms us.

Explained in readily comprehensible terms with the aid of three dimensional interactive exhibits, models and illustrations, cross-sectional diagrams, exploded views and exciting photographs, each cutting-edge technology- Space Technology, Nuclear Technology, Oceanography, Bio-Technology and nano Technology – has been placed in its relevant context. Several computer kiosks provide engrossing multimedia experience on these key areas. This gallery is essential for those who want to feel at home in this modern world.

2. Gallery on Fun Science   :

Hands-on, easy-to-use exhibits in the Fun Science gallery tempt everyone to play and explore the “how” and “why” of the most common scientific phenomena. Amusing things happen, albeit scientifically, when a ball is rolled, a switch is pressed or a crank is rotated. In this hall, visitors can play with mirrors, paint pictures with free falling liquids or enjoy illusion. In addition to this, some more recreational activities like rolling balls performing acrobatics: vortex being formed in water, complex rules of probability may turn out to be an exciting game of fun.

The principal behind the motorcyclists rotating in globe without falling is expressed in an easy comprehensible term with the exhibit loop the loop. Here we amazed to see our image captured by a screen even we are not standing in front. Visitors can learn a lot about the basic principles of physics and its application in day to day life, which automatically create a curiosity among them to reinvent the science with joy.

3.Children Activity Corner : 

Aimed at the young school children, this area offers a large variety of puzzles and science kits for them. By interacting in this process, they discover new worlds altogether that ignite curious mind. It is fun and feast to be creative.

4. Taramandal: 

Taramandal, an inflatable dome planetarium of this centre, simulates the night sky of Itanagar or any other place in the northern hemisphere. One learns to identify stars and constellations easily here. The real sky no longer remains an enigma thereafter.

5. Science Park : Science Beyond The Walls 

Out in the open air is the lush green Science Park where young children come closer to the nature and play with specially designed exhibits placed aesthetically in the natural surroundings. While playing, they learn basic principles of science. Here one can find exhibits on mechanics, sound, pendulum etc. A visitor to the Science Park can operate levers of different classes and turn pulleys lifting loads, hear echo of sound, enjoy sympathetic swing, look through a simple camera and above all, can lift himself and check his own weight.

Visitors will amazed by peeping through a hole with the help of one eye when they see that the dismantled statues of cricketers become unified. Besides we have a EDUSAT facility (video conferencing system) provided by VIGYAN PRASAR Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, through Edusat transmission. We have a regular transmission upon burning science topics by experts on every Tuesday. Besides these there is some special transmission for teachers training and quiz competitions. This network is primarily for science communication and would be able to provide communication network in case of any eventualities.


Frequency (Once a week/month)Any involvement of Other organizations/Subject expertsProcedure for joining activities
Popular Science LectureOnce or twice a weekVigyan Prasar Edusat NetworkFree to all/ by Inviting schools/ Colleges/University Students
Training/Capacity building ProgrammeOnce a month or BimonthlyDoBy inviting from Different schools
Summer Special Programme May to JuneVigyan Prasar Edusat NetworkFree to all by inviting School and through Advertisement in Local News Papers
Important DaysSuch as Science Day Children Day International Women day, etcExperts from NERIST,Degree College,RGU and VP By inviting Schools/ college, etc.
Video ShowOnce a weekDo
Taramandal ShowDistrict levelIn different schools of districts of Arunachal Pradesh

All these exhibits and activities are interactive and helpful for the students/general people to learn basic sciences through fun exhibits. 3D movie, Science magic & miracle shows, Demonstration lectures etc. are the other attractions of this science center.

Upcomming Attractions:

  1. Dino Park with Light and Sound Show:
  2. 3 D Theater