Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub, Itanagar

An Innovation Hub provides facilities to nurture new ideas and help develop inquisitive perspective in youths of today. Developed by National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture Govt. Of India, Kolkata. Museums engage youth in innovative and creative activities. This facility provides a unique opportunity for children of various age groups to work at the Centre during the week-ends to develop their ideas on various aspects of Science & Technology. Membership is available for interested students for long-term hands-on and minds-on engagement in creative activities in science & technology. The intention is to provide an open platform to the young people to engage in innovative and creative activities. Here they can experiment and pursue with their innovative ideas to nurture their innovative potential and develop innovation centric mindset

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Robotic Lab

robo Image

Robotic Lab Consist of Educational Robot Lego EV3 Robotics, Arduino Microcontroller Robots, Raspberry pi Microprocessor and AI etc.

Electrical & Electronics Lab

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Electronic Circuit design, PCB, Microcontroller, etc

Mechanical Lab

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Mechanical lab consist of activities like built from waste, break apart ands built, CNC lathe machine, etc.

Physics Lab

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Physics lab consist of activities like experiment on Optical lenses, magnetism and many more.

Biology Lab

bio Image

Biology lab is equipped with all the necessary equiptment like compound, Stereo,electronic Microscope,etc

Chemistry Lab

che Image

Chemistry lab is equipped with all the chemicals and equiptment for chemical experiment.

Resource Centre

rc Image

Resource Centre is equipped with computer with internet for E-learning, updated software for web design, software/android app development, game design, programming etc.

Design Studio

ds Image

Design Studio is equipped with 3D printer with Auto cad, solid work for 3D design models,photoshop for 2D design etc.

Hall of Fame

Conference hall, student/teacher training equipment with LCD projector, digital microscope etc.


    • Break & Remake
    • Build from Scraps
    • Making Science Models
    • Real life problem & Solution
    • Investigative Projects
    • Challenging Activities
    • Idea Box
    • Student Visit
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